Specialty Salts Collection

Speciality Salt Collection



In the Specialty Salts Collection we have combined four of our premium salt blends, all with a unique flavor profile and style to each. These will accompany your spice cupboard with one of earths purest flavors.



This collection combines one each of the Aurora Borealis Sea Salt Medley, Gold Rush Seasoning Salt, Black Truffle Seasoning, and Portage Glacier Salt and Pepper



* Aurora Borealis Sea Salt Medley

Purely high-quality sea salt. We created this medley with the top five most desired sea salts on earth. Those with the richest trace minerals and brilliant flavors. Our sea salts are 100% pure, sun dried, and are optically cleaned.


* Gold Rush Seasoning Salt

This blend was our very first creation over 30 years ago used in our restaurants as the best go-to all-purpose seasoning. The Goldrush fine-grind blend is a must in your kitchen to bring easy and savory flavors to your home cooking.


* Black Truffle Sea Salt Seasoning

Black truffles are one of the world’s finest delicacies. We have beautifully blended all natural sea salts and other herbs in this seasoning to enhance the wildly sought after flavors of the black truffle.


* Portage Glacier Salt and Pepper Blend

Perfectly simple, healthy, and delightful. A thoughtful balance of the highest quality and premium sea salt and black pepper available.


Specialty Salts Collection

  • Small Shaker Collection - $28.00

    Includes one Small Shaker of each:


    • Aurora Borealis Sea Salt - 6oz net weight
    • Goldrush Seasoning Salt - 5.25oz net weight
    • Black Truffle Seasoning - 5.5oz net weight
    • Portage Glacier Salt & Pepper - 5oz net weight
  • Large Shaker Collection - $55.00

    Includes one Large Shaker of each:


    • Aurora Borealis Sea Salt - 16oz net weight
    • Goldrush Seasoning Salt - 13.5oz net weight
    • Black Truffle Seasoning - 15oz net weight
    • Portage Glacier Salt & Pepper - 13oz net weight


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Handcrafted in Alaska with all natural spices and never any fillers, additives, or MSG  You are getting premium, high quality herbs and world renowned sea salts

blended to perfection by a master culinary chef  


Healthy, simple, and delicious!