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Our Story

Alaska Seasoning Company is a family started and operated business with a history that dates back to long before we sold our first shaker. Chef Ernie is a life-long French continental chef and has worked in some of the finest kitchens in the Pacific Northwest serving his classic French Cajun cuisine.  Later in life he operated several of his own restaurants and eventually the seasoning dream became a reality. 


A creation out of necessity, Chef Ernie had always blended his own herbs and spices in bulk batches to make the preparation of prime rib, seafoods, pastas and everything on the menu as simple and delicious as possible.  Putting the health of his consumers first, before it was popular, he chose against unnatural additives (because they cost more and taste less, right?)  Chef Ernie stuck true to the whole foods mantra that all you need is the perfect blend of herbs and spices with nothing else.  No sugar added in most of our blends, No MSG, no flour when possible, no other fillers or artificial ingredients you can’t pronounce, and always being mindful of common allergens to appeal to the masses as a proper executive chef would do. 


He and his wife Laura then decided these praised spices needed to be marketed to the home-chef and not just on one menu in Alaska, thus Alaska Seasoning Company was born.  Since, they have built a beautiful manufacturing facility and have become a staple kitchen name in Alaska with a growing following all over the country. 


Alaska Seasoning Company is the lifelong dream of a foodie family that has dedicated their time and talents into providing our customers just like you with delicious, all natural seasoning blends that tastes as good as the love that goes into making them.  


We are filled with so much gratitude that you have found us, and hope you enjoy many simply delicious recipes in your home using Alaska Seasoning Company blends. 



Our Sincerest Thanks,


Alaska Seasoning Company Team

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