Black Label Collection - Large Shakers

This Black Label Collection includes one Large Shaker of each:


  • Gold Rush Seasoning Salt
  • Denali Sea Salt Seasoning
  • Kodiak Cajun Blackening Seasoning
  • Midnight Sun Barbecue Blend
  • Bristol Bay Seafood Seasoning
  • Aurora Borealis Sea Salt Medley
  • Portage Glacier Sea Salt & Pepper
  • Jerk Caribbean Seasoning
  • Smokehouse Mesquite Seasoning
  • Black Truffle Sea Salt Seasoning



* Gold Rush Seasoning Salt

This blend was our very first creation over 30 years ago used in our restaurants as the best go-to all-purpose seasoning. The Goldrush fine-grind blend is a must in your kitchen to bring easy and savory flavors to your home cooking.


* Denali Sea Salt Seasoning

Coarse and fine grind, shake it, rub it, smoke or grill with it. This blend is by far a crowd favorite and has become a staple in kitchens across our country. A grill master’s go-to and we use it on or mixed in with any burgers, meats, or roasted vegetables.


* Kodiak Cajun Blackening Seasoning

The award winning Cajun blend is in honor of true Louisiana style blackening spice. With just a touch of fine sea salt we’ve kept this recipe low in sodium so it can be added to any dish for complexity and heat.


* Midnight Sun Barbecue Blend

Perfect for grilling, baking, smoking, or dry rub. With natural smoked sea salt in the mix this complex array of herbs and spices elevate the barbecue experience without dripping sticky sauce, or you can add your sauce after! A healthy choice to bring authentic barbecue to your kitchen in an easy, delicious, and mess-free way.


* Bristol Bay Seafood Seasoning

This clean, rich flavor will add depth to your cooking without over powering the natural essence of the fish or seafood. This product is blended with high quality sea salts adding additional trace minerals to your dish. Perfect for any occasion and an easy way to bring seafood to the center stage.


* Aurora Borealis Sea Salt Medley

Purely high-quality sea salt. We created this medley with the top five most desired sea salts on earth. Those with the richest trace minerals and brilliant flavors. Our sea salts are 100% pure, sun dried, and are optically cleaned.


* Portage Glacier Salt and Pepper Blend

Perfectly simple, healthy, and delightful. A thoughtful balance of the highest quality and premium sea salt and black pepper available.


* Jerk Caribbean Seasoning

This Jerk Seasoning is a spot-on replica of traditional Caribbean flavors with the blends of our premium natural salts and spices. An authentic, craft recreation of a spice-trade historical staple that will transcend your tastebuds to the Islands and back. Being true to the roots of the spice, it has some heat and a flavor profile that holds its own.


* Smokehouse Seasoning

Coarse and fine grind. Shake it, rub it, smoke or grill with it. Fractured pieces of premium Mesquite smoked sea salt and minced herbs mixed with the perfect proportions of granulated spices. This Smokehouse blend is a grill masters dream. Elevate any entrée protein with the bold savory flavors of mesquite. Perfectly balanced, this is a healthy and delicious all-purpose blend.


* Black Truffle Sea Salt Seasoning

Black truffles are one of the world’s finest delicacies. We have beautifully blended all natural sea salts and other herbs in this seasoning to enhance the wildly sought after flavors of the black truffle.

Black Label Collection - Large Shakers

  • $140.00


  • Black Label Collection - Large Shakers

    In the Black Label Collection [Large Shaker Edition] we have combined our ten (10) Black Label Blends. These are ideal for the whole family, the value shopper, those who cook at home often, the master griller, the entertainer, and a wow of a gift.


    We call these the classics, the originals, the staples in our kitchen for years. This set of ten offers savory, spicy, smokey, barbecue, and even island flavors. This collection will turn you into a world class chef in your own kitchen.


    Great for gifting!

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Handcrafted in Alaska with all natural spices and never any fillers, additives, or MSG  You are getting premium, high quality herbs and world renowned sea salts

blended to perfection by a master culinary chef  


Healthy, simple, and delicious!