Seafood Collection


Seafood Collection


What a great catch! In the Seafood Collection we have combined our two blends that are specifically designed for fish and seafood.


This collection includes one large shaker of each the Bristol Bay Seafood Seasoning and the Seafood Sauce Pantry Powder.



* Bristol Bay Seafood Seasoning 

This clean, rich flavor will add depth to your cooking without over powering the natural essence of the fish or seafood. This product is blended with high quality sea salts adding additional trace minerals to your dish. Perfect for any occasion and an easy way to bring seafood to the center stage.


* Seafood Sauce Pantry Powder 

Seafood Sauce as a powder, you read that right. We’ve packaged this seasoning mix to simply add cream. The seasoning will flavor and thicken your cream to make a restaurant style Seafood Sauce for any creamy dish.



Seafood Collection

  • $30.00

    The Seafood Collection includes one Large Shaker of each:


    Bristol Bay Seafood Seasoning 

    14.25oz net weight



    Seafood Sauce Pantry Powder

    9oz net weight



    You can use this Seafood Collection together in one dish or grab which one works for you in the moment. For the seafood lover and pescatarians everywhere.


    Be inspired by the flavors of the sea!



    * Our Seafood Sauce Powder and Bristol Bay Seafood Seasoning both do not contain Seafood or Shellfish

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Handcrafted in Alaska with all natural spices and never any fillers, additives, or MSG  You are getting premium, high quality herbs and world renowned sea salts

blended to perfection by a master culinary chef  


Healthy, simple, and delicious!